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Football Goal Post

What is football goal post? Get ready to learn about goal post in football.

What is a Football Goal Post?

The goal post in football is a large yellow post located at the back of each end zone on the end line. Goal posts have a horizontal bar called the crossbar and two vertical bars called the uprights. In Division one and NFL football, the crossbar is eighteen-and-a-half feet wide and thirty feet tall. The bottom post is ten feet tall and the uprights are twenty feet tall. The post is also offset from the field, with the base sitting further back than the crossbar and uprights.

Scoring Points

The goal post is used by teams to score points on field goals and extra points. During a normal down, teams can decide to kick a field goal instead of running or throwing the ball. The kicker will come into the game and try to kick the ball through the uprights. If the ball goes through the uprights without hitting the ground or another player first, that team gets three points. These kicks can be difficult as the kicker may be far away from the post, making precision a lot harder.

After a team has scored a touchdown, they get the opportunity for an extra point. Again, the kicker comes onto the field and tries to send the ball through the uprights. If they succeed, their team gets one extra point.


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