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Football Field Parts

What are the parts of a football field? What are they used for during a football game? Get ready to learn about the pieces, components, and areas that make up a football field.

Football Field Parts

The football field is made up of three main parts, the:

Football End Zones

There are two end zones on a football field, one at either end of the field of play. The end zone is separated from the field of play by a white line, resembling the yard lines, called the goal line. Each end zone extends backward from the goal line 10 yards to the end line, which is the line designating the out of bounds area at the back of the end zone.


At the back of either end zone is the goal post, a Y-shaped structure that is planted into the ground at the ends of the field.

All scoring in football occurs in the end zone, whether it be by the ball crossing the goal line into the end zone by rushing or passing, or the ball traveling through the goal posts via kick. In the endzone, touchdowns, safeties, extra points, and field goals all occur, each resulting in a score.

Football Goal Posts

The goal post is a yellow Y-shaped structure at either end of the football field, just behind the end line of the end zone. There are two goal posts on a football field, situated behind the end zone in the middle of the field. The bottom of the post is planted into the ground and covered in padding. A horizontal bar is at the top of base post, called the crossbar. Extending upwards from the crossbar on either ends are the uprights. Atop the uprights are colored flags to indicate wind direction.


Goal posts are only involved in a couple of plays: field goals and extra points. You'll learn more about those plays later.

Football Pylons

Pylons are small, orange markers placed at each of the four corners of the end zone. They are used to help the referees determine if the ball crosses the goal line during fast play. There are eight pylons in total on a football field.

Pylons in the NFL have been embedded with fish-eye cameras to capture the action at a closer angle, and it also allows for more viewing angles for both the audience and the referees in case of a review.


PRO TIP: If the ball touches a pylon, regardless if the player carrying the ball crosses the goal line, it is a touchdown.

Football Field Of Play and Out of Bounds

The field of play on a football field is the area between each of the end zones. It measures 100 yards long and 53 1/3 yards wide. The field of play is where all of the action in a football game occurs.

The out of bounds area is everywhere else that play or scoring does not occur, such as the sideline or behind the end line near the end zone. No play occurs here and if any player enters this area while involved in the field of play, they will be called out of bounds. The sidelines are where the players who are not involved in the field of play stand, as well as coaches and some officials.


PRO TIP: Did you know that only 11 players can be on the field of play for each team at one time? If more than 11 players are on the field of play during play, a penalty called "Too Many Men On The Field" is called by the officials.

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