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Football Field Of Play

What is football field of play? Get ready to learn about field of play in football.

Football Field of Play

The field of play in football is the 100 yard long playing area on the field. The field of play is also about 53 yards wide from sideline to sideline. The field of play is made up of the sidelines and goal lines. The end zones are not part of the field of play but are still inbounds. There are 11 players that can be on the field of play per team during a down. It's where all of the action happens.

The field of play consists of hash marks and yard lines, hash marks noting every singular yard. The larger white lines note every 5 yards, which each ten yards marked by a number up until the 50, then counting back down the other side of the field.


There are a total of seven officials either on the field or on the sidelines of the field, making sure that no rules are broken on the field of play. They ensure player safety and regulations by calling any fouls that are committed.


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