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Football Field Dimensions

How long is a football field? How wide is a football field? What are the dimensions of a football field? Get ready to learn about the width and height of a football field.

Football Field

The football field is where the game of football is played. Depending on the level of play, it will have bleachers on two to four sides, or even in an oval all the way around. Some high school or college fields also have track and field tracks surrounding them as the length of the field is the ideal size for a track.


REMEMBER: The dimensions of a football field vary for high school football, college football, and NFL football.

Football Field Dimensions

Regulation football fields are 53 and 1/3 yards wide and 120 yards long. The end zones are each 10 yards long, with the rest of the field being 100 yards. This adds up to the 120 yards that make up the field. After every ten yards, there is a line with a number, marking the distance from the closest endzone. From the middle of the field, the yard line marks 50 and counts down on each side toward the end zones.

Behind the end zones sit the goalposts, with the crossbar hovering above the end line and the base of it sitting far enough behind the end line to not be dangerous to players running into the end zone.

LINGO ALERT: When we say regulation in this context, we mean a standard size football field.


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