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Football End Zone

What is an end zone in football? Where is the end zone on a football field? Get ready to learn about football end zones.

End Zones

The end zones are located on each end of the field and each team gets one to defend. When teams switch side of the field, they also switch which endzone they are defending. All scoring in football happens in the end zones.


Football Field Dimensions

The end zones measure 10 yards long. The field of play measures 100 yards long. Since there are two end zones, a football field measures 120 yards

End Zone Designs

Most end zones will have coloring and lettering that matches the team whose home field it is. On one end, they may have the name of the team, and the other end can have the logo or the location. The end zones are a different color than the rest of the field, making it easier to spot for players and for referees to determine touchdowns.


End Zone Lines

The end zones are made up of

The end line is the line at the very back of the endzone, marking the edge of the back of the field. The sidelines continue the sidelines from the rest of the field and also mark out-of-bounds. The goal line separates the field and the end zone; this is what the ball must cross in order to be considered a touchdown.

Football Scoring

All scoring happens in the end zones and each team gets one to defend. Teams can score points in football with:

  • touchdowns
  • field goals
  • extra points (PAT)
  • two point conversions (conversion)
  • Safeties

A touchdown occurs when a player on offense is able to move the ball across the goal line into the endzone. This will earn the team six points. After scoring a touchdown, the team can kick an extra point or try for a conversion. A conversion is similar to a touchdown in that the offensive team must get the ball across the goal line before being tackled. When kicking extra points or fields goals, the ball must go through the goal posts that sit behind the end line of the end zone. Even though the base of the post sits behind the end line, the goal post itself is right about the end line, making it easy to measure the distance of any field goal. A safety occurs when an offensive team is forced back into their own end zone and they are tackled or take a knee. Offensive teams do everything possible to stay out of their own end zones for this reason.

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