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Football End Line

What is football end line? Get ready to learn about end line in football.

Football End Line

The end line in football is a boundary line at the back of each end zone. It is usually 6 feet wide. There goal post for each team on the end lines. The end line runs across the entire length of the field from sideline to sideline. After a player crosses over the end line and off the field, he is considered out of bounds and not in the field of play.

Crossing The Line

If any player steps out of bounds and over the end line and then steps back into the field of play, he is not allowed to be the first player to touch the ball during a touchdown pass. After stepping back in bounds the ball must be passed to someone who stayed in bounds.

Once a player successfully catches the ball in the end zone, he can step out of bounds after the touchdown is made. This usually happens when team members celebrate post-touchdown.


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