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Football Defensive Backfield

What is football defensive backfield? Get ready to learn about defensive backfield in football.

What is the Defensive Backfield in Football?

The defensive backfield in Football is the area on the defensive side of the line of scrimmage where players in the secondary line-up. The defensive backfield usually consists of multiple defensive backs including cornerbacks and safeties. The defensive backfield begins about ten yards behind the line of scrimmage and extends to the goal line the defense is defending.

The defensive backfield, sometimes called the secondary or defensive secondary, is the last line of defense for a defense. Defenders in the secondary, cornerbacks and safeties, are in charge of defending against deep passes and long plays. Players in the defensive backfield have quite a few roles. Let's discuss them.


Responsibilities of the Cornerback

Cornerbacks are a team's primary defense against passing plays. They are the primary guards of the opposing team's wide receivers. They play man-to-man or zone coverage against these receivers in an attempt to prevent passes from being complete or tackle the receivers quickly after a catch. The cornerbacks work hard so that the safety doesn't have to be a last resort to stop the offensive player from breaking through.

Responsibilities of the Safety

Safeties also defend against the pass, but less in a one-on-one situation. Safeties play very far back in the backfield and are used as supports for sides of the field in which the cornerbacks are outnumbered by receivers. They're also the last line of defense against deep passing plays and long running plays. A safeties quickness is never undervalued by a team, and they are often considered the defense's last resort before an offensive member doesn't have any defenders between him and the end zone.

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