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Football Crossbar

What is football crossbar? Get ready to learn about crossbar in football.

What is the Crossbar in Football?

The crossbar in Football is the horizontal bar at the bottom of the upright goal posts on both ends of the football field in the back of the end zones.

The goal post is made up of three parts: the base, the crossbar, and the uprights. The base is what holds the goal post up into the air. The base is situated at the back of either end zone. The crossbar is attached to the base and extends horizontally 18 feet. The uprights are at either end of the crossbar and, by rule, extend indefinitely upwards.

Kick Attempts

During field goals and extra point attempts, the football must pass over the crossbar and between the upright posts of the goal for the attempt to count. If a ball hits the crossbar and deflects into the goal, the goal is good. Otherwise, if the ball deflects out of kick is not good and the goal doesn't count.

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