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Football 50 Yard Line

What is football 50 yard line? Get ready to learn about 50 yard line in football.

What is the 50 Yard Line in Football?

The 50 yard line in football is the yard line located at the middle of field dividing it equally in two pieces. The 50 yard line is the midway point of the Football field, 50 yards away from either goal line and 60 yards away from either goal post.


Purpose of the 50-Yard Line

The 50 yard line serves no specific purpose other than being midfield and denoting where the teams are on the field during the game. In the pregame, the coin toss is usually held at the 50 yard line. If the game goes to overtime, another coin toss is held at midfield as well.

The 50 yard line is also the barrier between the two team's 'territories'. For example, if the offense is driving towards the opponent's goal line and they cross the 50 yard line, they have crossed into their 'opponents territory'. A teams territory is the 50 yards in front of the goal line they are defending. A teams territory has no real effect on the game, mostly used as a means to describe which side of the 50 yard line the offense is on when driving, especially for radio listeners.

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