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What is football team doctor? Get ready to learn about team doctor in football.

What is a Team Doctor in Football?

The team doctors in football are the medical personnel that tend to players on a football team. Injuries are inevitable in football, and some are more serious than others. Because of that, there needs to be a doctor nearby in order to tend to any injured players and get them off of the field.


Whenever there is any serious injury on the field, the team doctor will run out to the field and do an assessment. Some injuries are minor, like rolled ankles or hits to the chest. However, team doctors have to be ready for larger injuries, like blows to the head, ACL tears or dislocated limbs.

Therefore, team doctors are responsible for short term and long term injuries. Besides tending to the injuries on the field, the medical doctor is required to keep the coaches updated on the player's progress and clear the player to play again. He is the one with the ability to diagnose the players and keep them off of the field.

Team doctors help players with a variety of things:

  • Injury prevention
  • Injury management
  • Emergency field care
  • Assessments
  • Counseling

NFL Physicians Society

The NFLPS is a group dedicated to providing excellent attention to athletes with injuries. They work directly with other athletic trainers to aid any player in recovery. Many doctors are trained in general or orthopedic surgery. Team doctors should not be confused with physical therapists. They both work together, but many therapists are focused on players post-injury.

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