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Football Strength Coach

Table of Contents

What is a Strength Coach in Football?

A strength coach in football is a coach that monitors the strength and conditioning of the players on the team.


Strength coaches work on creating specialized training programs for each player. This helps the player become an overall better athlete, strengthen muscles and improve their stamina. Some players require different training programs depending on their roles and position in the game. Training includes gym training, weight training, conditioning and running drills on the field.


Strength coaches help coaches design programs based on each of the player's strengths and weaknesses. Evaluations are also given to maintain player data. They track a player's growth over time and can be used to determine the type of plays and formations that would benefit the team going forward.

About Strength Coaches

Strength coaches are heavily involved in the physical progression of players, but it's also important for strength coaches to provide emotional and mental support, too. They work with players over long periods of time, so words of encouragement and forming strong relationships is essential.


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