Football Special Teams Coordinator

Special Teams Coordinator

The special teams coordinator in Football is the coach in charge of the special teams unit. The responsibilities of special teams coordinators include leading the special teams during practices, designing plays and strategy, and calling kicking and returning plays during football games. Special teams coordinators report to the head coach.


The special teams coordinator is responsible for all players on the special teams unit. He also works closely with younger players that are not active on the roster in order to train them accordingly to move up and be prepared to play. Many of the players on the special teams unit aren't equipped or talented enough to be starters and are backup players.

He works on and off the field with punters and field goal kickers to give them proper training and a solid skill set. He works with the offensive and defensive coordinators to call different plays during games. Kickers have to be very focused and calm under pressure because they are usually performing in very high stress situations.

football special teams coordinator