Football Special Teams Coach

A football team is coached by a group of coaches rather than one individual coach. These coaches are classified by the positional group that they focus on training, such as offense and defense. Special teams also have their own coach. Read on to learn more about special teams coaches.

What is a Special Teams Coach in Football?

The special teams coach in football is the coach in charge of the special teams players on the football team. This includes players on kickoff, punt and field goal attempts. Any situation that involves a specialized kicker is one for the special teams coach to handle.

Special Teams Situational Training

Situations like kickoffs, punts and field goal attempts are specific instances that require a lot of training. These coaches supply encouragement and support, but also tips and training on how to improve the players who are performing these kicks. Training includes kick repetitions, conditioning and also footwork that is unique to kickers.

New Player Training

The special teams coach also looks after the punters and kickers in training. There are many new players that do not start, but begin their training in these areas. The special teams coach is responsible for training younger players to be strong assets for the team in the future. Although special teams coaches aren’t as active or visible during the game, their training and mentorship is highly valued on and off of the field. Kickoffs, punts and field goal attempts are significant parts of every football game, and they would not be successful without the guidance from coaches.