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Football Scouts

What are Scouts in Football?

A scout in football is a coach who examines amateur players to determine if they would be good fits on a professional team.

Scouting on Different Levels

A lot of scouting occurs at the college or even high school level. If the players are strong candidates for a professional team, the player can ask for scouts to come visit them during practices and games. Sometimes, many different scouting representatives could be present during one game scouting a player.

Scouting also occurs on the professional level. If a player is eligible for a trade, scouts often come out to other practices to talk to players and even invite them to practice with the scout's own team to see how the player gets integrated.

Player Preparation

Scouts can come and examine a whole team, as well. They have a list of information on clipboards where they can take notes on any player to see who they are most interested in.

When scouts come to review players, it's often a very crucial and nerve wracking time for them. They must perform on their A-game, or else it could result in the scout passing on the player. Scouting season typically begins at the start of a college season, when any player is eligible to go pro!