Football Quarterback Coach

What is a Quarterback Coach in Football?

A quarterback coach in football is a coach that is in charge of the quarterbacks. He is a type of position coach that focuses on training one position. Since the quarterback is essentially the most important player on the team, it is important to have someone above him guiding and training him both mentally and physically. The quarterback also performs different tasks than the other players, so quarterbacks are trained in specific footwork and throwing techniques.


The quarterback coach goes over different variations of plays, particular strength training exercises and helps to coach the quarterback during games. Quarterbacks rarely have the same duties as other players, so a specific coach help the quarterback learn his responsibilities of the offensive plays. However, on the field, the offensive coordinator and quarterback coach can both communicate with the quarterback through technology that is built into the player's helmet.

Did you know that quarterbacks can only hear their coaches? They can't be heard until there is 15 seconds or less on the play clock.