Football Offensive Line Coach

What is an Offensive Line Coach in Football?

The offensive line coach in football is a coach that is in charge of the offensive line. He is one of a few coaches, with the head coach and defensive line coach. Often called the offensive coordinator, the offensive line coach focuses on calling plays, strategies and anything involving the offense. He solidifies the game plan before the game, and he will adapt the game plan on the move according to how the game goes. He works closely with the quarterback to ensure that all of the plays are clear for him.

Role on the Field

The offensive line coach is positioned on the sidelines, along with the head coach and defensive coordinator. The offensive line coach will yell out plays during the game, and also lead any timeouts that require offensive strategy. Coordinators will often walk up and down the sidelines with the head coach, offering help regarding plays.

Some coordinators do as much work as the head coach, and they work together during practices, too, especially with quarterbacks, running backs and tight ends.