Football Linebacker Coach

What is Linebacker Coach in Football?

A linebacker coach in football is a coach in charge of the linebackers of a team. Linebackers are a part of the defensive team and train in different ways than the offensive members and quarterback. Since linebackers are some of the strongest players on the team, a lot of their coaching comes down to building muscular strength to take down opponents.

Linebacker coaches are often positioned on the sidelines with other coaches like the quarterback coach and offensive line coach.

Roles as a Linebacker Coach

The linebacker coach focuses on creating a strong defensive line. He coaches the players on different defensive formations and trains them throughout each preseason and regular season. They tackle offensive members and also provide offensive assistance where needed. Linebackers are very versatile, so they have to pay attention to each given play to know their role. That is why coaching for linebackers is so essential.

Types of training for linebackers can vary. Coaches can run drill after drill on the field and also assist with training in the gym. Field drills include tackling exercises and blitz practice, which includes tackling the quarterback.