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What is football agent? Get ready to learn about agent in football.

What is Agent in Football?

A football agent is a representative of a player whose job is to negotiate contracts and sign endorsement deals, essentially attempting to make the most amount of money for their client. Agents have the mediating role between players and team owners, and are in charge of ensuring ultimate prosperity.

Many agents are also lawyers, while others are businessmen or sports management professionals. To become an agent, it is important to have a large sum of money and connections to begin with in order to entice possible clients

Running back Red Grange was the first ever player to have an agent in 1926. The former Illinois standout cited reasons such as increased ticket sales when he was playing to make professional teams pay him more. His ability to sign a lucrative contract was a legitimizing factor for the National Football League.

Once an athlete signs an agent they are no longer considered an amateur and are therefore not allowed to play high school or college sports.

Notable Agents

Many NFL players have been represented by friends or family players in the past, however, most athletes work with large agencies and their corresponding agents.

The Creative Arts Agency represents athletes as well as celebrities. Tom Condon is in charge of their football division and has worked on contracts with players such as Drew Brees, Adrian Peterson, and Peyton Manning.

Roc Nation Sports is a relatively new sports agency, founded by musician JAY-Z. Their clients are the younger generation of NFL stars like Todd Gurley and Saquon Barkley.

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