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Football Running Game

What is football running game? Get ready to learn about running game in football.

What is the Running Game in Football?

The running game in football is a term used to describe the overall success of rushing plays of a team. While most National Football teams emphasize the pass, being able to rush effectively is a vital aspect of a team's offense. College teams focus far more on the run, with some teams rarely ever electing to pass the ball.

If a team is unable to run the ball well, then defenses will be able to pass rush and cover more efficiently since they are not as worried about the run. Moreover, play-action will be ineffective because the defenders will not fall for the fake.

A runner is only as good as the offensive line in front of him. A quality line will open holes and allow for long plays while a poor wall will not even give a halfback a chance.

Play Types

Many different players can have an impact in the run game. Typically, teams will have a primary halfback who handles most of the carries. This player will be assigned many types of runs throughout the game, ranging from dives up the middle to sweeps to the outside.

Full backs are also important for ground success. Not only can they be the primary blocker on a rushing play, their size and strength can be utilized to move the chains in short yardage situations.

Wide receivers are rarely thought about in the run game, however, end arounds and other pitches to wide outs are key aspects as well.

A quarterback's role has evolved over the years in the running game. Besides the typical QB sneak or scramble on a broken play, dual threat quarterbacks are now tasked with running option plays, in which they read the defense as they are about to hand the ball off in order to decide whether they should take the ball themselves or continue with the transfer.

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