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Football Offensive Drives

What is football offensive drives? Get ready to learn about offensive drives in football.

What is a Drive in Football?

A drive in football is a word used to describe what a team does with the football while it is in their possession and the series of plays that follow gaining possession of the ball. This includes plays, scores, turnovers, time of possession, and yards gained or lost. The word can also be a verb, such as, "the team is driving down the field towards the endzone." A drive that lasts more than 10 plays would be considered a long drive, while a drive that is less than 5 plays would be considered a quick drive. A drive is ended when possession of the ball changes.

Drive Strategy

The primary goal of almost every drive is to score points, whether it be a touchdown or field goal. Sometimes, this may not be the desired goal, such as if a team needs to run out the clock to win the game. In this case, a long drive consisting of mostly run plays would be the primary strategy. If a team needs a quick drive to tie the game before halftime, pass plays would likely be employed.

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