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Football Man On Man Blocking

What is football man on man blocking? Get ready to learn about man on man blocking in football.

What is Man on Man Blocking in Football?

Man-on-man blocking is a scheme where offensive line players focus on specific defensive line players to block regardless of field position. Blocking is a very important skill for any and every player to have in football, but the individual ability is not enough for a team's blocking to be good. There are several blocking schemes used by coaches, with the simplest one being man-to-man blocking, and the zone blocking being the most popular.

Man-on-man blocking is widely used in youth football. The other option, zone-blocking, can be complicated for youngsters to understand and lead to mistakes, while man-on-man blocking is easy to understand and execute. In the NFL and College Football, man-on-man is still seen, but zone blocking schemes are preferred. If a team has players who are really good at blocking, it can be enough for a man-on-man scheme to work well, while the coach's skills are more important for a zone-blocking scheme to run smoothly.

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