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Football Huddles

What is a huddle? It's when football players gather together in a group before the scrimmage down to discuss the play. Get ready to learn all about football huddles.

Football Huddle

The huddle in football happens before the down begins. Players on a football team gather together to discuss the upcoming play in a short meeting. The team on offense or defense can make a huddle. It is usually led by the quarterback for the offense, who goes over the play, important details and also gives words of encouragement.

REMEMBER: The purpose of the huddle is to talk strategy for the upcoming play. The quarterback will talk to his team and tell them what to do.

Hurry Up Offense

Hurry up offense is a strategy when the offense chooses to skip the huddle. The purpose of hurry up offense is to speed up the game and give the defense less time to react and get into position for the next play. If the defense doesn't have time to set up, they could get confused and nervous, causing them to get mixed up and lose the play. Hurry up offense is also used to make the defense tired, as it doesn't give them a chance to have a brief pause in play. The only downside to hurry up offense is that the offensive team doesn't get time to regroup, either.



During timeouts, the team also have huddles. These are a bit longer in length and involve the coach. They take place on the sidelines and both teams are guaranteed a certain amount of seconds. They can take this time to go over plays, drink water and talk strategy. Although this is a different type of huddle, these are the few moments where the entire team can regroup and discuss the game plan.

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