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Football Strategy

What is football strategy? What are the various play types that are most effective? Here is a list of strategies football teams and coaches use during games.


What is a football strategy?

A football strategy is a team's individual method for each play and game scenario. The word strategy is versatile for game different game situations, meaning an offensive or defensive formation or a play. The strategy for each play is chosen based on individual player's skills.

Offensive Strategies

Offensive strategies are built during football practices and performed during games. Many offensive strategies focus on players running different lanes throughout games in hopes for a pass from the quarterback. Tight ends and wide receivers often are involved with strategies that include catching long passes. Certain positions, like guards, focus on blocking out defenders who are trying to sack the quarterback.

Defensive Strategies

The defense runs the most plays out of anyone on the football field during a game. Because of that, they have many strategies and formations under their belt that they can call depending on how the other team starts each play. The defense's main strategy that they are always trying for is the blitz, which is when the quarterback gets sacked. The "prevent defense" strategy is another popular strategy that employs the defense with an extra defensive back, forcing the offense to make short passes instead of long ones.

PRO TIP: Since an offensive team can change positions on the fly, it's important that the defense is familiar with their best formation to counter the other team. Sometimes, a team can have more than a dozen plays memorized.

Coaches Role

One of the coach's main roles is to construct and organize different plays that will benefit the offense and defense. Some teams create their own deviations of formations and plays that become coined as that team's own formation. They will call out different plays and work with the quarterback to choose plays that will benefit the team in that moment.

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