Football Swim Move

What is a Swim Move in Football?

The swim move is a football technique used by defensive line players and linebackers to get away from the offensive line’s blocking and rush the quarterback. The move is called a swim because the movement resembles a swimmer’s stroke. The technique is usually used by players when they are being blocked by a shorter or weaker player.

Performing a Swim Move

For a player to do a good swim move, it is necessary for them to have good coordination, as they will have to move both their arms and feet at the same time. After the snap, a defensive player will start to move their feet in jab steps as a way to confuse and freeze the blocker. While using the arm to the side they are swimming, they will then reach and push the offensive lineman’s shoulder or upper chest area.

The push will leave the blocker off-balance, making it easier for the player to get through. The rest of the movement is done by lightly passing the other arm over the defender’s shoulder. The player then moves their entire body by the side, leaving the offensive lineman completely behind.