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Football Stand Up Stance

What is a Stand up Stance in Football?

A stand up stance in football is a stance in which the player is upright and standing instead of on the ground prior to a play beginning. Whether or not a player aligns in stand up stance has everything to do with their position.


The stand up stance has two different variations. Players can either stand up completely straight in a split-legged stance or stand squarely with the knees slightly bent. The former allows players to get a burst of speed off the line of scrimmage while the latter, often referred to as a 'two point stance,' is conducive to quick changes of direction.

Stand Up Stance by Position



  • Defensive Ends: straight up, split-legged stance ensures a quick first step, allowing them to run past the offensive linemen trying to block them.
  • Cornerbacks: two point stance helps them stay aligned with the wide receiver they are assigned to cover and makes it easy to backpedal in order to keep up with faster receivers.