Football Stance

What is a Stance in Football?

In football, a stance is the position that a player takes when getting ready for play to begin and before the ball is snapped. Different positions will use different types of stances to set themselves up for each play in the game. Good technique is important to a football player's stance to ensure that they are properly prepared for the play ahead of them. A quality stance allows a player to be balanced and able to move quickly. Certain stances are used to emphasize the power, speed, lateral movement, explosiveness, or adaptability of a player.

Common stances in football include the 2 point stance, 3 point stance, and 4 point stance, as well as other variations of stances or stances that aren't directly named.

More About Stances

It is important for offensive players to have their stances set at least a second before the ball is snapped to avoid a false start penalty. However, defensive players can switch their stance and positioning whenever they please. Players are not restricted to a specific stance and may use whatever stance they please in advance of the play, but many coaches will have certain positions use a single stance depending on the goal for the possession. Linemen will frequently use the 3 point or 4 point stance to increase forward strength, while most other positions tend to favor the 2 point stance due to its upright nature that allows for quick movements in either direction. Some players will use various different stances throughout the game to find what is best suitable for the current game situation.