Football Slide Block

What is Slide Block in football?

A slide block in football is a blocking strategy wherein the entire offensive line slides in one direction to block. This is used to help the quarterback get open on his strong side. The defensive line then moves accordingly with the offensive line, leaving the quarterback more likely to evade a sack.


The slide block is a team effort that helps the quarterback advance down the field, gaining more yards before he even makes a pass. This can help the team make a down before he passes to a receiver. Slide blocks work well when performed organically; if the other team recognizes that the offensive team is organizing a slide block, they might be able to counter it and make it unsuccessful.

On The Field

Many blocks are performed by defensive members, but since slide blocks are performed by the offensive team, the players have to be ready to change their direction quickly on the field. The slide block is a deviation of any traditional offensive line and requires quick feet and quick thinking players to have a great end result.