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Football Reach Block

What is football reach block? Get ready to learn about reach block in football.

What is a Reach Block in Football?

A reach block in football is a block in which a lineman spreads their arms to block one or more defenders at once. A reach block usually occurs when an offensive lineman is outnumbered by defenders. A reach block can be a natural reaction to prevent the other team members from getting past you to the player with the ball. But other times, a reach block is intentional to try to stop multiple players from getting to the people they intended to tackle. This is a particular situation where an offensive player is trying to stop a defensive player.

The reach block is different than traditional blocks, as the player is literally reaching to block the defensive players with hopes of throwing him them balance and preventing them from making tackles or blocks on other players.


Linemen who perform reach blocks need to be careful of not being called for certain penalties. Grabbing face masks and the use of hands is still illegal and can result in serious drawbacks for the team as a whole. Players have to be careful not to get overwhelmed in trying to stop multiple players at once and get stopped for these calls, and instead perform them clean and legally.


Reach block drills can be practiced along with 2-on-1 drills. The goal of reach blocks is to prevent your opponent from gaining any yards down the field, whether they are trying to tackle the quarterback or an open receiver. Many coaches organize reach block drills with tackle bags, too.

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