Football Dip And Rip Technique

What is the Dip and Rip Technique in Football?

The dip and rip technique in football is a movement used by linebackers to escape blocking from the offensive line, that way getting into a gap. By doing so, linebackers can break the protection on the ball carrier and either sack the quarterback, or stop a run. Knowing how to correctly and efficiently execute a dip and rip move is very important for a good linebacker.

How to do a Dip and Rip Move

The objective when doing a dip and rip move is to escape a block by an offensive linemen. Linebackers are often faster and more agile than offensive linemen, and that must be taken advantage of when doing the move. When the play starts, the linebacker must have a quick and strong first step in the direction of the gap he is trying to attack.

The line player will already be left on a disadvantage if the first step is done correctly, and will, therefore, rely on his strength to block a player, trying to grab and hold the linebacker. That is where the next step of the dip and rip happens, the linebacker must lower (dip) his shoulder and escape the contact; following up with an uppercut forward motion (rip) to completely free himself up from the blocking, leaving the blocker behind, and unbalanced making it hard to properly recover. In a game, after getting rid of the block, the linebacker must locate the ball carrier and attack him.