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Football Cut Off Block And Angle Blocking

What is football cut off block and angle blocking? Get ready to learn about cut off block and angle blocking in football.

What is a Football Cut Off Block?

In football, a cut off block is an offensive technique used to prevent the defense from getting to the offensive ball carrier. Blocking is a legal method used to prevent an opposing player's movement by using the body. The cut off block is most frequently utilized by offensive linemen, but can be used by other members of the offensive team. Cut off blocking is commonly used on running plays, where defensive players are allowed to freely cross the line of scrimmage.

After the defensive player crosses the line of scrimmage, an offensive linemen will come from the side and use his entire body to purposely cut off the defensive player.

Angle block is another common name for the cut off block because the cut off blocker comes in at an angle to execute this block.

REMINDER: Don't confuse the cut off block with a chop block, which is an illegal technique that is also sometimes referred to as cut blocking.

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