Football 4th And Goal

What is 4th and Goal in Football?

4th and goal is a phrase in football that indicates that the distance between the line of scrimmage and the endzone is less than ten yards, meaning the team is yards away from a touchdown. If a team is on their 4th down, this means they are aiming for a touchdown. A regular 4th down occurs if a team has failed to make ten yards in the first three downs.

High Stakes

4th and goal is a high intensity situation that can change the game in an instant. The team is within yards of the endzone, so defense is on high alert. These situations often cause players to get jammed up because everyone is in very close quarters. The stakes are often in these scenarios high because there are no more opportunities after this, if a touchdown isn't scored, the other team receives the ball. There is a lot more pressure in this situation than the typical 4th down scenario.

Field Goal

Some teams can choose to kick a field goal instead of trying one more time for a touchdown. If they miss the field goal, the other team is awarded the ball. Kicking a field goal is a safer option, but teams typically take the risk of scoring a touchdown because of the point difference.

Philly Special

The Philadelphia Eagles had a unique 4th and goal situation in the 2018 Super Bowl, where quarterback Nick Foles was the player to score the touchdown, instead of the one to throw the winning pass.