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Football 3rd And Long

What is football 3rd and long? Get ready to learn about 3rd and long in football.

What is Third and Long in Football?

Third and long in Football is a phrase used to describe the down and distance of a third down with many yards to go before reaching the 1st down line. There are no specifications to what is a third and long, as it is simply a term used by the broadcasting crew. Most people consider a third and long to be a third down with 10 or more yards to go to the 1st down line. Similar to third and inches, there is no exact measurement to third and long.

Third and Long Strategy

Depending on how long the 'long' is on third down, teams may elect to do a couple of different things. If the team desperately needs a 1st down or the distance required isn't too long, they may elect to pass the ball to reach the 1st down line. They may also run the ball to fool the defense.

If the team doesn't want to risk a turnover, they may run the ball simply to get to fourth down to punt.

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