Football 2nd And 1

A second and 1 in football is the second down in the down cycle with one yard to gain to convert to a first down. The second down indicates that one play has previously been run by the offense and a first down was not achieved. The 1 is the yardage remaining in order to reach a first down. In most cases this means the offense has just run a play on first down which resulted in a nine yard gain. The nine yards gained can also be a combination of a five yard penalty and a four yard gain.

Offensive Strategies

The offense has the advantage in an early down short distance situation. They could just pick up the one yard by running up the middle, maybe with a quarterback sneak. An offense can also use the down as a chance to take a shot down the field to try and gain a big chunk of yards. They would do so knowing that they would have a third down and one, even if they threw an incompletion.

Defensive Strategies

The best case scenario for a defense when faced with second and short is to tackle the offense for a loss resulting in third down and a medium yard distance. That can happen with pressure, which is called a blitz. Blitzes are a good way to sack the quarterback or tackle the running back for a loss.