Russell Wilson Bio And Facts

russell wilson

Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson is a football player and quarterback for the Denver Broncos in the National Football League (NFL) and was formerly quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks. Ever since his entrance to the league in 2012, Wilson has been a star player and leader, particularly for bringing the Seahawks to the playoffs seven times and to the Super Bowl twice.

Growing up, Wilson was a gifted athlete who played baseball, football, and basketball. He continued to play football and baseball in college and was even drafted into Major League Baseball (MLB). In addition, he still attends spring training with MLB teams today.

His impressive athletic talent has allowed Wilson to excel in every sport that he played; Wilson was a key element of the Seattle Seahawks’ success from 2012-2021. After extending his contract for an additional four years with the Seahawks in 2019, Wilson played for Seattle until 2021. In March of 2022, Wilson was traded to the Denver Broncos. 

  • Date of Birth: November 29, 1988 (11-29-1988)
  • Education: Collegiate School Virginia, University of Wisconsin
  • Net Worth: $165 million
  • Occupation: Professional football player
  • Height: 5’11” (1.8 m)
  • Weight: ~215 lb (98 kg) 
  • Position: Quarterback
  • Years Active: 2012 - Present
  • Nicknames: The Professor, DangeRuss, Mr. Unlimited
  • Teams: Seattle Seahawks, Denver Broncos

Football Career

Early Years and College

Russell Wilson began playing football and baseball at a very young age. In high school, Wilson played football, basketball, and baseball at Richmond Collegiate in Virginia. He was very successful on his football team, earning several awards and accolades. After his senior year, Wilson committed to playing football and baseball at North Carolina State University. After three years at NC State, Wilson transferred to play football at the University of Wisconsin.

Seattle Seahawks

He entered the 2012 NFL Draft after finishing college and was drafted 75th overall by the Seattle Seahawks. Wilson was not the starting quarterback to begin the season but was awarded the job with five games remaining in the season. The following year, Wilson had a tremendous season and led the Seahawks to win Super Bowl XLVIII. He continued to experience success with the Seahawks, returning to the Super Bowl the next year and being named to the Pro Bowl nine times while playing for Seattle.

Denver Broncos

Prior to the 2022 season, Wilson was traded to the Denver Broncos along with a 2022 fourth-round pick in exchange for tight end Noah Fant, defensive end Shelby Harris, quarterback Drew Locke, and five draft picks. The picks sent to Seattle are as follows: 1st (2022), 1st (2023), 2nd (2022), 2nd (2023), and 5th (2022).

Titles and Awards

Russell Wilson’s football success began in high school, where he was named Conference Player of the Year during his senior year and led his team to win the state championship in Virginia. In his first season at NC State, Wilson was the first freshman quarterback to earn all-ACC first-team honors. After transferring to the University of Wisconsin, he helped his team win the Big Ten Conference title and broke the NCAA passing efficiency record.

Throughout his time in the NFL, Wilson has earned several awards, including being voted Rookie of the Year by and being named to the NFL Top 100 Players List multiple times. In addition, Wilson has started in two Super Bowls, with one Super Bowl victory. He has been named to the NFL Pro Bowl nine times. In 2015, Wilson led the league in passer rating.

Personal Life

Russell Wilson was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, and grew up in Richmond, Virginia. He was raised by Harrison Wilson III and Tammy Wilson, along with his older brother, Harrison IV, and younger sister, Anna. His father was a lawyer who played football and basketball at Dartmouth, while his mother was a nurse consultant. Wilson’s brother played football and basketball at the University of Richmond, while his sister is a former basketball player for Stanford University.

In 2012, Wilson married his high school girlfriend, Ashton Meem, but they opted for a divorce in 2014. A few years later, he began to date famous singer Ciara, and the two got married in 2016. They have had two children together. Their daughter, Sienna, was born on April 28, 2017, and their son, Win, was born on July 23, 2020. Wilson also has a stepson from his wife’s previous relationship. Aside from his children, Wilson also owns three Great Danes named Prince, Naomi, and Hero, and in 2022, he purchased a new puppy, which he named Bronco, in honor of his being traded to the Denver Broncos. 

Fun Facts

  • Russell Wilson attended Peyton Manning’s summer football camp for quarterbacks, Manning Passing Academy, while he was in high school.
  • Wilson was senior class president in high school.
  • Wilson’s father made it to the NFL and played for the San Diego Chargers in the preseason of 1980.
  • Besides NC State, Wilson also received a scholarship to play football at Duke University.
  • Wilson was drafted by the Colorado Rockies in the 2010 MLB Draft and participated in their spring training camp in 2011.
  • Following the 2018 season, Wilson received a lucrative four-year contract extension worth $140 million from the Seattle Seahawks.
  • Wilson was the offensive captain of the Seahawks for nine straight seasons (all but his rookie season). 
  • Wilson released a mobile gaming app called Tally, which is supported by Jeff Bezos and Joe Tsai. He has his own clothing line called Good Man Brand.


Does Russell Wilson have sponsorship and endorsement deals?

Yes, Russell Wilson has several sponsorship and endorsement deals with companies such as Nike, Wilson Sporting Goods, Amazon, Alaska Air Group, Bose, and Mercedes-Benz. Wilson has appeared in several TV commercials for companies and products such as Duracell Quantum batteries, the Microsoft Surface Pro 2, Braun Series 9 electric razor, Madden 17, United Way, and American Family Insurance. He started his own charitable organization in 2014 called the Why Not You Foundation.

Why did Russell Wilson transfer to the University of Wisconsin?

While attending NC State University, Russell Wilson was drafted into the MLB by the Colorado Rockies and was invited to attend their spring training program. After deciding to attend spring training, his football coach Tom O’Brien was unhappy with the decision and Wilson lost his football scholarship before his senior year. Therefore, he decided to transfer schools to play for one more year at the University of Wisconsin with hopes to make it to the NFL.

What college did Russell Wilson go to?

Russell Wilson originally attended North Carolina State University, however he transferred to the University of Wisconsin prior to his final season of college football. This transfer was spurred by the football coach at North Carolina State University's displeasure with his attendance of MLB spring training after being drafted by the Colorado Rockies and the resulting loss of his scholarship.

Where is Russell Wilson from?

Russell Wilson is originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, however he went on to grow up in Richmond, Virginia. He attended Collegiate School, a preparatory high school, before going on to college and pro football stardom. At Collegiate School, Wilson played baseball, basketball, and football, foreshadowing his eventual multi-sport success in college.