Football Right Guard

Football Right Guard

Too often, right guards are unsung heroes in football, as their role does not involve scoring touchdowns or sacking the quarterback. However, right guards play a key part in the offensive line, which builds a wall for the quarterback or creates space for the run. Playing right guard is extremely demanding from a physical standpoint and requires a great amount of awareness.

Right Guard Definition

A right guard in football is the player that lines up to the right of the center on the offensive line. The right guard is typically positioned between the center and the right tackle, which is the rightmost member of the offensive line. The offensive line is made up of at least five players (two offensive tackles, two guards, and the center), and the right guard is in charge of leading the right side.

Right Guard Roles And Responsibilities

In a pass-heavy NFL, where the quarterbacks are the focal point of the offense and the highest-paid players on the roster, it is crucial for the offensive line to protect their quarterback. If they fail to protect them, the most valuable player on the field could get injured.

The right guard has one of two roles, based on the play call. If the head coach and the offensive coordinator decide to go for a pass play, the right guard is in charge of protecting the quarterback on the right side. When this happens, the right guard creates a wall with the center and the right tackle to hold back any blitz attempt.

In a run play, the right guard has a more dynamic role, requiring more movement. In this case, the right guard has to create space while holding off the defensive lineman so that the running back can find a gap in the defense. In order to create space, the right guard is often asked to push the defensive players back a few yards while still making sure no pass rushers slip by them.

Right Guard Skills

  • Great upper body strength and lateral quickness
  • Durability and endurance
  • Awareness and fast decision making

Right guards have to be one of the strongest players on a football roster. Right guards also have to be among the tallest, largest members of the team in order to match up against the opponents’ defensive line.

Ultimately, a right guard has to have a certain type of body to be able to make an impact, whether it is a pass or run play. They must also be able to move laterally extremely quickly, as they must move into a position to block incoming defenders right after the snap. Also, since they make intense physical contact on almost every play, they must be durable and have excellent endurance. The third crucial skill for right guards is their awareness and quick decision making, as this can be the difference between a fully-protected quarterback and a sack.


What Does A Right Guard Do In Football?

A right guard is in charge of giving protection to either the quarterback or the running back from the right side. Based on the play call, the right guard has to either protect the quarterback from the rush or any potential blitz or open up space for a run play. The role of the right guard is to protect two of the biggest assets on a football roster while facilitating playmaking in both passing and running.

What Is A Right Guard In Football?

The right guard is the player that lines up on the right side of the offensive line, standing between the center and the right tackle. Of the five offensive linemen, the right guard is the second-rightmost player. The right guard typically lines up across from one of the defensive tackles.