Football Field Judge

What is a Field Judge in Football?

The field judge is an official in a football game who is positioned in the defensive backfield, approximately 20 yards from the line of scrimmage. He is one of seven officials in each game. He is positioned on the same side of the field as the line judge, just on the opposite sideline. Like other officials, he is making lightning fast decisions on the field.

The field judge is responsible to observe and make calls for the following situations:


Since the field judge works on the same side as the line judge, a lot of their responsibilities overlap for their respective side. He makes sure that players don't run or make catches out of bounds. He also watches for small details like blocking fouls and illegal use of hands. In particular, the field judge watches the wide receiver on his side of the field for any penalties that opponents make against him.

Did you know that the field judge lines up under the goal posts during a field goal to make sure it's good?