Randy Moss Bio And Facts

Randy Moss

Randy Moss

Randy Moss is a former professional American football player and wide receiver. He played for a number of different teams in the NFL, with his most notable seasons on the Minnesota Vikings and New England Patriots. In his 14 seasons in the NFL, Moss made it to the Super Bowl two times and the playoffs seven times.

With his speed, height, and overall athletic build, Moss was a talented athlete playing football, basketball, baseball, and running track growing up. Although he focused on football in college, his speed allowed him to run track for a year as well.

Throughout his life, Moss was known to be a risk to teams as he got himself into trouble on numerous occasions. With that being said, coaches had difficulty keeping him off the field because of his immense talent. Although he never won a Super Bowl, Moss’ record breaking career has distinguished him as one of the best football athletes of all time.

  • Birthday: February 13, 1977 (13-02-1977)
  • Education: Dupont High School, Marshall University 
  • Net Worth: $25 million
  • Occupation: Sports analyst, former professional football player  
  • Height: 6 ft 4 in (193 cm) 
  • Weight: 210 lb (95 kg)
  • Position: Wide receiver
  • Years Active: 14
  • Nicknames: The Freak
  • Teams: Minnesota Vikings, Oakland Raiders, New England Patriots, Tennessee Titans, San Francisco 49ers

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Football Career

Randy Moss played football for Dupont High School in West Virginia in addition to playing basketball, baseball, and track. After a tremendous senior year, Moss was named Player of the Year. After an altercation with another student, Moss’ college options were limited and he committed to play at Florida State University and ended up playing at Marshall University due to drug possession. After two successful seasons at Marshall, Moss entered the 1998 NFL Draft and was selected 21st overall by the Minnesota Vikings. 

Moss played with the Vikings for seven seasons until he was traded to the Oakland Raiders in 2005. He only played for the Raiders for two seasons before being traded to the New England Patriots, where he had a few of the best seasons of his career. After three seasons with New England, Moss bounced around to a few other teams including the Vikings, Titans, and 49ers before retiring in 2013.

Titles and Awards

Randy Moss’ football success began early, as he won two state football titles and was awarded Player of the Year as a high school senior. Throughout his two seasons playing at Marshall University, Moss received numerous distinctions such as being named the best pass-catcher in the country by USA Today and winning the Fred Biletnikoff Award for being the best receiver in college football.

In the NFL, Moss was named 1998 NFL AP Offensive Rookie of the Year and made the 1998 NFL All-Rookie Team. In terms of receiving, Moss led the league in receiving touchdowns in five different seasons and ended up in the top 10 for receiving yards in eight seasons. He also led the NFL with 23 total touchdowns in 2007. Moss’ phenomenal career earned him a spot in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2018 and he was named to the NFL 100 All Time Team.

Personal Life

Randy Moss was born in Rand, West Virginia, where he was raised by his mother Maxine along with two older siblings. Maxine worked as a nurse’s aide and made her children attend church several times a week. Seeing how hard Maxine worked as a single mother, Moss was motivated to play professional sports to help support her.

Moss’ high school years were challenging because he attended a school with high levels of racism and with only a few other black students. In addition, Moss had a child in high school with his girlfriend Libby Offutt.

Throughout his career, Moss had numerous problematic incidents off the field that hurt his reputation. He was arrested in high school for getting into a fight, arrested for domestic battery in an argument with Offutt, tested positive for marijuana usage on several occasions, and has been charged for traffic offenses.

Fun Facts

  • Randy Moss played football with professional basketball player Jason Williams in eighth and ninth grade.
  • Moss ran indoor track at Marshall University his sophomore year and was one of the best runners in the country.
  • He has four kids with Libby Offutt named Senali, Thaddeus, Sydney, and Montigo.
  • Moss and Offutt broke off their marriage and he is now married to Lydia Moss.
  • Thaddeus Moss (Randy’s son) played college football at North Carolina State and Louisiana State (LSU) before being signed in 2020 by the Washington Football Team as an undrafted free agent.
  • Moss ran the 40-yard dash in only 4.25 seconds and is one of the fastest NFL players of all time.
  • Moss is now an NFL analyst on ESPN. 


Has Randy Moss ever been to the Super Bowl?

Yes, Randy Moss has made two Super Bowl appearances. He played in Super Bowl XLII in 2008 for the New England Patriots and Super Bowl XLVII in 2013 for the San Francisco 49ers. Unfortunately, Moss’ teams lost both championship games. In his first Super Bowl appearance, Moss recorded five receptions for 62 yards and one touchdown. In the other Super Bowl, he only had two receptions for 41 yards.

Why did Randy Moss attend Marshall University?

While originally planning to attend Notre Dame to play football, Randy Moss got into a fight in high school that led to his arrest and a jail sentence of 30 days. As a result, Notre Dame pulled his scholarship offer. Fortunately, Moss was given the chance to play at Florida State University but was redshirted his freshman year. Before playing for FSU, Moss tested positive for marijuana and lost his scholarship, forcing him to play at lower-level Marshall University.

Is Randy Moss one of the best NFL receivers of all time?

Randy Moss is considered by many to be one of the best NFL receivers of all time. He was usually the quickest player on the field, making it difficult for defenders to cover him, especially on deep passes. Moss also had impressive jumping abilities and was known for making spectacular catches, often with only one hand. Moss is a leader in NFL career receiving touchdowns at 156 only behind Jerry Rice who had 197.

Was Randy Moss a controversial player?

Throughout his career, Randy Moss had a number of questionable incidents both on and off the field. Some of these incidents include touching an official, squirting an official with a water bottle, verbal abuse, fighting other players, and inappropriate end zone celebrations. He also got in legal trouble numerous times for marijuana usage, domestic battery, and even hitting a traffic control officer with his car.