Who Kicks The Ball In Football?

Who kicks the ball in football?

In football, the positions that kick the football are the punter, placekicker (kicker) and occasionally the kickoff specialist. The ball is kicked for kickoffs, field goals, extra points, and punts. Professional or college football teams will generally have separate kicking positions for each role but teams at lower levels may have one player responsible for all kicking duties.


The kicker kicks the ball on field goal or extra point attempts, and sometimes on kickoffs unless the team has a kickoff specialist. Kickers are required to be both consistent and accurate with their kicks, as field goals and extra points can make a big difference in a football game.


The punter kicks the football during punts to the opposing team. Punts are used in 4th down situations to avoid giving the opposing team good field position. The punter plays a big role in determining where the opposing team's offense starts their drive, so he must have strength and control with his punts to place them properly.

Kickoff Specialist

The kickoff specialist is an uncommonly used special teams position in football. Teams with extra personnel space may choose to train a kickoff specialist, but in most cases the kicker or punter are capable of handling kickoffs as well.