Who Is The Best Team In American Football?

The title of best team is usually a matter of one's own opinion and the level of loyalty they have to their favorite team. In the NFL, the teams most often considered the best include the New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers, Green Bay Packers, and the Dallas Cowboys. This, of course, is speaking historically and is based on a variety of statistics. Let's break it down further!

Best Win Percentage

For many, the team with the highest win percentage (the percentage of wins out of all games played) would be the best of all time. As of 2019, the Dallas Cowboys have the highest overall win percentage at .572, including both the regular season and postseason.

The New England Patriots have the highest postseason win percentage (.649) while the Cowboys also hold the highest regular season win percentage (.573).

Most Wins All-Time

Some may consider the team that has the most wins to be the best team in football. For the NFL, the Green Bay Packers have the highest amount of wins, at 777 regular season and postseason wins all-time. The Packers are one of the oldest NFL franchises, so they have had more chances to win than most other teams!

Most Super Bowl Championships

Since the Super Bowl champion is the winner of the entire league each year, many fans would say the team with the most championships should be considered the best. In the history of the NFL, the Patriots and the Pittsburgh Steelers lead the league in Super Bowl Championships, both having six. This would make the two teams tied for best ever, though the Patriots are the more recent champions!