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Who Is The Best Running Back In NFL Football?

Who is the Best Running Back in the NFL?

There is no specific 'best' running back in the NFL. The title of 'best' is designated to one's own personal opinion. Prominent running backs who are often argued as the 'best' include Le'Veon Bell, David Johnson, Todd Gurley, Ezekiel Elliot, and Alvin Kamara. Retired NFL running backs who are often argued as the best include Barry Sanders, Jim Brown, Walter Payton, and Eric Dickerson.

Using Statistics to Identify the 'Best'

The title of 'best' running back in the NFL is primarily based on statistics. Each of the players that are in the conversation for best running back in the league post exceptional stats on a yearly basis. The most important statistics for a running back are rushing touchdowns and rushing yards, with the most talented backs generally recording double-digit touchdowns and over 1,000 yards.

Consensus Top Five RBs

PlayerTeamRushing Yards (2018)Rushing Touchdowns (2018)
Todd GurleyLos Angeles Rams1,25117
Saquon BarkleyNew York Giants1,30711
Ezekiel ElliotDallas Cowboys1,4346
Christian McCafferyCarolina Panthers1,0987
David JohnsonArizona Cardinals9407
NOTE: Le'Veon Bell of the New York Jets is widely regarded as one of the best running backs in the NFL, however he missed the entirety of the 2018 season.