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What Is The Longest Field Goal Kicked In High School Football?

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What is the longest field goal ever kicked in high school?

Dirk Borgognone kicked a sixty-eight (68) yard field goal on September 27th, 1985. The kick occurred in a game between Reno High School and Sparks High School in Nevada.

Background Information

Borgognone struggled the rest of the year missing the rest of the field goals attempted. His struggles extended through college and despite changing his position to kickoff specialist, Borgognone never ended up sticking in the NFL.

It must be noted that the 68 yard field goal came with Borgognone kicking off of a tee. Kicking off of a tee makes it easier for a kicker to get distance as the ball is elevated and positioned exactly how the kicker wants it. Tees were eliminated from the sport in 1989.

The longest kick made without a tee came in 2012 from Austin Rehkow of Central Valley High School. Rehkow kicked a 67 yard field goal to tie the game and sent it to overtime. Rehkow continued his success by making a d1 roster and eventually playing a couple games in the NFL.

Record Compared to Other Leagues

Interestingly enough both of the previously mentioned kicks are as long or longer than the two leagues above high school football.

The most competitive football league (NFL)'s longest field goal is only 64 yards and was kicked by Matt Prater in 2013. Several other players have kicked a 63 yard field goal.

The longest kick in college football is 67 yards with a tee and 65 without one. The 67 yard record is shared by four players but the 65 yard field goal was made by Martin Gramatica of Kansas State.


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