What Is The Longest Field Goal Kicked In High School Football?

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Who Kicked the Longest Field Goal in High School Football History?

The longest field goal ever kicked in a high school football game occurred when Dirk Borgognone scored a 68-yard field goal on September 27, 1985. The kick took place in a game between Reno High School and Sparks High School in Nevada. Though he still holds the record for the longest field goal, Borgognone struggled for the rest of the 1985 season and missed the rest of the field goals he attempted. His struggles extended through college, and despite changing his position to kickoff specialist, Borgognone never ended up sticking in the NFL.

Longest High School Field Goal without a Tee

One factor regarding Borgognone’s record-setting kick, which must be noted, is that the 68-yard field goal Borgognone kicked was one that was made off of a tee, which makes it easier for a kicker to get distance. Kicking tees for field goals were eliminated from the sport in 1989.

The longest field goal made without a tee was a 67-yard kick by Austin Rehkow of Central Valley High School in 2012. Rehkow kicked the field goal to tie the game and send it to overtime. Rehkow continued his success by making an NCAA Division I roster and eventually playing in a couple of NFL games.