What Is The Easiest And Hardest Position To Play In Football?

What is the Easiest Position in Football

What is the Easiest Position in Football?

There is no easy position in football. Every position in football requires some kind of skill that allows them to accomplish a task on the field. Easiest can also be defined in a number of ways. It could be the least physically demanding, the least important position, or the easiest mentally. We're going to combine a little bit of each to determine what is in fact the easiest position.


football punter

Punters only play a few snaps each game. Their job is not physically demanding as they rarely experience any contact at all. They are protected by roughing the kicker rules and are very rarely tackled. A punter's impact on the game is pretty minimal, and they come in at low pressure situations.


Football Fullbacks

A fullback's job on the field is quite simple, run to the line of scrimmage and block for the running back. It isn't as easy a punter's job as a fullback is very demanding physically, but in terms of importance, many teams don't even use a fullback.

What is the Hardest Position in Football?

The hardest position is usually not up for debate, almost everyone will agree that the quarterback is the most difficult position to play. We'll talk a little about that as well as give another position that is pretty hard to play!


The quarterback has the ball in their hands for the majority of the game. Every snap the quarterback has the ball. They are sometimes in charge of play calling and they constantly have to be correctly reading the defense. The mental preparation needed to be a quarterback is an incredible amount as well as it is the most important position on the field. Also, not many people can fit a ball into a two foot window from 40 yards away.


football place kicker

The kicker gets a mention on this list just because of the mental challenges of the position. While kickers do not play a majority of the game, the times they are called upon are high pressure situations. Imagine standing on the sideline for most of the game, then to be called upon to hit a long field goal (no easy task) with the fate of your team completely in your hands. The situation is too daunting for many and missed field goals can haunt kickers for the rest of their career, showcasing just how mentally stressful and demanding the position is.