What Is A Touchdown In Football?

A touchdown is a way for teams to score points in football. A touchdown is worth six points.

Each team gets four downs to move the ball on the field towards the opposing team's end zone. Touchdowns can be scored through running, passing, or recovering the ball in the endzone. A touchdown is the highest scoring method in football and is the main goal of most offenses. If a team can manage to bring the ball into the opposite end zone and break the plane of the goal line, they will score a touchdown and earn six points.

Breaking the Plane

For a touchdown to count, the offense must have possession and the football must cross the plane of the goal line. Unlike other sports, in football the player does not need to cross the goal line for a touchdown to count. As long as there is possession and the ball crosses the plane of the goal line, it is ruled a touchdown. Officials are standing on the goal line to make sure the ball carrier breaks the imaginary 3D plane of the goal line when scoring a touchdown.

A player must remain inbounds when catching a pass or running in the end zone for a touchdown to count.

The Try

After a touchdown is made, the offense has a chance to earn one or two additional points on an untimed down called a try. With kicking an extra point, the offense can earn one point. With attempting a two-point conversion, the offense can earn two points.

No one actually calls it a try. They call it either an extra point or two-point conversion.