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What Does A Wide Receiver Do In Football?

A wide receiver in football is a player on the offense who is tasked with catching the football thrown by the quarterback and sometimes running the ball. The wide receivers line up on the line of scrimmage outside of the offensive line. They make breaks downfield through open lanes and try to get open for a long pass.

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On the snap, the wide receiver will almost always run downfield to catch a throw from the quarterback. Regardless of the play and formation, wide receivers always go out wide, which is how he gets his name. They are constantly running and being used in plays, which is why they are some of the quickest runners on the team. In fact, they are the first players that the quarterbacks look to after receiving the snap. They work to outrun their defensive opponents and get themselves into good positions for receiving a pass.

When the ball is caught by the receiver, it is tallied as a reception. Receivers can also be given the ball in the backfield and rush downfield like a running back.

Wide receivers are put under a lot of stress when the defense's pressure is high. They should be excellent catchers, as their main role is to catch passes, no matter how difficult. Great wide receivers should withstand and power through any hits or blocks from defensive members.


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