What Are The Dimensions Of An American Football Field?

Football Field Diagram

A football field's dimensions can vary depending on the level of play (college football, high school football, NFL). Most fields will share the same length and width, but the main difference is the distance in between the center hash marks.

Football Field Dimensions

A regulation football field's dimensions are 160 feet wide (53 ⅓ yards) by 360 feet (120 yards) long. The field of play accounts for 100 yards and each end zone accounts for 10 yards, adding up to a total length of 120 yards. The field will be split up by white lines that run the entire width of the field every 5 yards and are marked by numbers every 10 yards.

Hash Marks

Football Hash Marks

Hash marks, the two sets of dashed lines that run down the middle of the field, are used to measure the yardage on every down. The distance between the hash marks will vary in distance depending on the league and level play:

  • High School: 53 feet, 4 inches apart
  • NCAA/NAIA: 40 feet apart
  • NFL: 18 feet, 6 inches apart

The End Zones

Football End Zone

The end zones are where all scoring happens in footballEach end zone measures 10 yards long and 160 feet wide (the same width as the field).


How wide is a football field?

A football field is 53 ½ yards (160 feet) wide. The width of a football field is the same at all levels of football. Football fields are longer than they are wide, as they are 120 yards in length including the end zones.

Are high school football fields the same size as NFL?

High school football fields are the same size as NFL football fields. Both are 120 yards in length and 53 ½ yards in width. The only difference between high school and NFL football fields are the locations of the hash marks. In the NFL, hash marks are only 18 ½ feet away from one another, while they are 53 ⅓ feet apart in high school football.