What Are Skilled Positions In Football?

football skill positions

What are Skill Positions?

Skill positions in football refer to positions that most often handle the football and are responsible for scoring or preventing points. They are typically some of the most athletic players on the team. Linemen are the main positional group that are not considered skill positions.

 The offensive skill positions are:

The defensive skill positions are:

The Pressures of a Skill Position

Skill positions are the most recognizable and most memorable but also some of the toughest to play. The game is affected by every player on the field. However, wide receivers, running backs, and quarterbacks will take the blame for losses and rarely get full recognition for wins. They carry the burden of the team because they have the most skill and most exposure to the fans.

What are the Positions in Football?

The football team is divided into three units: the offense, defense, and special teams. On offense, positions include the quarterback, running back, wide receiver, tight end, and offensive linemen. On defense, positions include linebacker, cornerback, safety, and defensive linemen. Special teams positions include the kicker, punter, holder, returner, and long snapper. There are more specific variations of all of these positions that come into play depending on what is specifically happening within the game.


What are the skill positions in football?

There are skill positions on both sides of the ball. They are the primary scorers and defenders on a team, and are typically the most athletic players. The skill positions on offense are the quarterback, running backs, wide receivers, and tight ends. The skill positions on defense are the safeties, cornerbacks, and occasionally linebackers. Linemen are the primary positional group that are considered non-skill positions.

What is a skill position in football?

In football, a skill position refers to the players who most often handle the football. This term is used because fans and teams often care the most about who helps directly score points for the team or help turnover the ball. There is special pressure on skilled positions because they will be celebrated the most if their team wins and likely be judged most if their team loses.

What are not considered skill positions in football?

Linemen are generally the positional group that are not considered skill positions in football. This is because they rarely touch the ball and are typically less athletic and skilled compared to positions like the quarterback and wide receivers. Even tight ends are sometimes considered to not be a skill position, as in some offensive schemes, they are only used for blocking.