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Is The Quarterback The Captain Of The Team In Football?

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Is the quarterback the captain of the team?

On most teams, the quarterback is considered the captain of the team. This is not true for all teams, but the quarterback position is most often dubbed the most important position on a football team. The quarterback controls and runs the offensive unit, so it is vital that they are very skilled and familiar with the game and rules of football as a whole. Naturally, it makes sense that the playmaker is considered the team captain. The team captain is usually a very well-known player and a fan favorite.

Role As Captain

Most often, the quarterback is considered the most valuable position on a team and in football as a whole. He can see the entire field and controls what direction the game goes. Other traditional roles of the captain includes being a representative of the team to the other team and officials, and being the spokesperson during the coin toss. Notable current NFL quarterbacks include Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, Jared Goff and Cam Newton.


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