How Many Yards Wide Is A Football Field?

How many yards wide is a football field?

A traditional football field is one-hundred and twenty (120) yards long and fifty-one and a half (51 1/2) yards wide, or about one-hundred and sixty (160) feet. Unlike other sports, these dimensions of the football field are uniform across all age and league levels of the sport, including high school, college, and in the NFL. Many people think a football field is only 100 yards because of the yards line every ten yards, but the field also includes two ten yard end zones on both ends of the field.

NFL Field

An NFL football field is also one-hundred and twenty (120) yards long and one-hundred and sixty (160) feet wide. From one goal line to the other, the field is one-hundred (100) yards long. After taking into account both end zones, which are 10 yards deep each, the total length of the field is one-hundred and twenty (120) yards. Because of the large size of the field, players should have excellent cardiovascular skills, because with a long field comes constant running.