How Many Yards Is The End Zone In Football?

How many yards is the end zone?

In football, the end zones are the rectangular boxes placed on each end of the field in which touchdowns are scored. They are made up of four sides outlined by white lines that are called the goal line, end line, and the two sidelines. At most levels, orange square pylons also mark the corners of each end zone.

The length of each zone, from the goal line to the back of the end zone is ten (10) yards deep; the width of each end zone in between the two sidelines is one-hundred and sixty (160) feet (the same width as the field itself).

The end zones make up about 1/6th of the field. Including the added yardage of both end zones (20 yards), a football field is a total of one-hundred and twenty (120) yards long and one-hundred and sixty (160) feet wide. The field goal uprights are placed out of bounds centered directly in the back of the end zone.