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How Many Points Is A Safety Worth In Football?

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How many points is a safety worth?

A safety is worth two points in football and is the least common method of scoring. A safety can happen in a few ways and is the result of a player causing a dead ball within his own end zone. Most commonly, a safety happens when the ball carrier is tackled or goes out of bounds in their own end zone after carrying the ball into the end zone. The offensive committing a foul inside their own end zone can also result in a safety. Additionally, if the ball is fumbled out of bounds through a team's own end zone as a result of their own actions, this will be ruled a safety. After a safety occurs, the ball is kicked off from the 20 yard line to the same team that scored the safety.

IMPORTANT: Remember not to confuse a touchback with a safety. If the offense's pass is intercepted or fumble recovered within a defense's own end zone and they are then tackled, it will be ruled a touchback.

One-Point Safety

There is a very rare circumstance in which a safety can be worth only one point in a football game. This situation is so rare that it has never actually happened in an NFL game and has only happened a few times in college football. For this to happen, a team would have to make a critical error following an extra point or two point conversion attempt.

A one point safety for the offense can occur if the defense blocks the kick or otherwise gains possession of the ball on an extra point or two point conversion attempt and is then tackled in their own endzone. This would result in the offense receiving one point for the safety.

A one-point safety for the defense can happen if the offense has their kick blocked or loses possession of the ball, only to recover it and be tackled 85 yards or more backwards within their own endzone. This is extremely unlikely and would cause the defense to receive one-point for the safety.


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